Luctus  is “teen drama” centered around the lives of five college students attending Luctus University: Charlie, Alex, Noa, Jamie, and Riley.

In this pilot episode, we’re introduced to the characters and their relationships with one another. Then we find out that covering up a secret takes more than just keeping quiet.



College Town Culinary

College Town Culinary is a fake reality TV show based off of Food Network’s Diners, Drive-Ins, and DivesThe show was shot at a local Elon, NC pizza shop as an assignment in my Television Production class.


Intimate Partner Violence PSA

This PSA is about domestic abuse and intimate partner violence. I decided to create this PSA as a reaction to the overwhelming amount of college age survivors I had met. This was my first individually shot, produced, written, and edited project.


Who is Val?

This is the first movie I ever made staring some of my friends at Elon University. The short was shot on an iPhone 5s. This project initially taught me the most about story telling and film technique.