Saving Young Blonde

SYB is a music collective head by Matt Ferretti and managed by Valerie Reich. Featuring a sound ranging from hard rock and roll to a funk fusion. Harnessing the belief that music should extend beyond traditional genres and a love for musical exploration, SYB is currently in the studio recording their first EP.

Visit their website here for more tour information and tickets.

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Limelight Music Group


Limelight Music Group is Elon University’s student-run record label. My position within the organization is currently Vice President of Management/A&R (artist and repertoire). I manage all of our current talent along with an amazing team of A&R reps. Together, we guide our artists through the recording process, book live performances, and market their released music. We have a total of 10 artists on our label.

Beyond the role of VP, I personally manage a few of our artists on a day to day basis. Alumni artists Connor Whitaker and Sara Boike, are two musicians who I have worked with throughout my college career to produce full albums, EPs, and singles. Most recently I have been working with our newest band, The Tripps, on their debut single and music video One Night Stand. 

Limelight Music Group was originally created in 2008 under the name Limelight Records. What once was a label with two artists has grown into a music collective more three times the original size. All content created by LLMG is created and produced by students. From the music to the promotions everything is 100% original content from our student body.

You can view some (not all) of the projects I’ve worked on below:

Connor WhitakerIMG_1120

Sara Boike Sara Boike- Through Dark Clouds Promo

The TrippsS&C 2

Eli “Kronic” KronovetThe Kronic Full Album

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