Published Works

The Hollywood Reporter / Billboard Magazine:

From Hometown Heros to Major Leagues: Twenty One Pilots Q&A

Band Apologizes for Racist ‘Asian Girlz’ Video

Matt Nathanson: “I’ve Felt like a Misfit All My Life” (Q&A)

Musical Offspring and their Famous Parents

Los Angeles Teacher Keeps Music Education Alive

Rihanna does No Doubt and Kings of Leon Karaoke 

‘Front and Center’ Season Two ft. Jack Johnson, Jake Bugg

Little Wayne Talks Health, Retirement, Kids on Kimmel

Guitar Center Sessions: One Republic

Mariah Carey: Say No To Lip-Syncing 

Tom Petty Offers Full Refund for Concert Cut Short

Rolling Stones Update iTunes Albums

Z100 Turns 30 and Keeps on Rockin’ 

Johnny Cash Immortalized on US Stamp

Def Jam Announces New VP of Film and Television: Sara Connally

Alicia Keys vs ‘The Color Purple’ Author

Dave Grohl Sound City

Robin Thicke to Headline Pre-VMAs Concert

New Jim Morrison Doc Focuses on the Early Years

Spider-Man Hits Broadway

Sonic Youth’s Kim Gordon to be Keynote Speaker

Rod Stewart Extends Vegas Run

The Doors May Reunite

Sunset Strip Music Festival

Lady Gaga Song Leak

Tenacious D Announces Musical Comedy Event

Shazam Predicts Soundtrack of Summer

How to Get Fired: Nigel Lythgoe’s ‘American Idol’ Exit Analyzed

Queens of the Stone Age Album Review

From Boy Bands to Boston Strong…


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