Wine 101

Let’s be honest: The best drink ever created is wine. It’s versatile, great for any occasion, and if you get the good stuff a hangover is almost nonexistent. After about a year working in the wine industry, I learned a lot. Gone are the days of Franzia bags (though my budget keeps me devoted to… Read More Wine 101

Impeaching 45

IMPEACHMENT: A word that has been plastered all over American media in the months since the election of current President Donald Trump. Online petitions, rallies, marches, debates, public speeches and private rumblings have been echoing across America in both the private and public sectors. Pro and against, the need or lack there of is a hot topic.… Read More Impeaching 45

Calendar Girls

The imagery: intense. The music: connective. The content: one-of-a-kind. Calendar Girl is a film collective begun by filmmaker Amy Dellar, an avant-garde and new age empress, about the increasing interest in astrology and its rooted history in heteronormative sexual structures and the political climate of the West intensifies. The collection of these short films make… Read More Calendar Girls