New Music: Say Something by Justin Timberlake and Chris Stapleton

A solidly pop-fusion song, Say Something is a cohesive mix of acoustic technical skill and pop synthesizers. The video, released this morning, is a “single” shot following the musicians as they travel around a relatively abandoned building with their musical interments.

Initially, JT’s DJing set reminded me of the high school parties I used to attend, but the perfect pop beat mixed with a more mainstream country sound continues to show his growth as a musician from his pop roots to a more wholistic sound. JT and Stapleton are blurring the lines of genres and opening their music up to a much larger audience.

Say Something is catchy and ripe for a variety of great EDM mixes moving it from the relaxing low key vibe it has to a potential club banger.

Chris Stapleton and JT harmonize flawlessly and the combination of their voices,¬† technical skills, and name recognition assure this song’s placement on Billboard’s Top 100.