Calendar Girls

The imagery: intense. The music: connective. The content: one-of-a-kind.

Calendar Girl is a film collective begun by filmmaker Amy Dellar, an avant-garde and new age empress, about the increasing interest in astrology and its rooted history in heteronormative sexual structures and the political climate of the West intensifies. The collection of these short films make the view truly feel how different the experience of life can be across the spectrums of individualism.

Each piece is under five minutes and displays exceedingly different perspectives of what it is to be your astrological sign and how that label, and subsequent connotations and beliefs, apply to the queer, female, and non-binary communities.

The films creative teams are composed entirely of all female, queer, and non-binary cast and crew. Each individual sign is shot by a different directors and crew, with freedom to explore their creative interpretations of a loosely based plan set by Dellar. All of the pieces cater to the audience that supplies its talent and crew: queer, female, and people of colour.

Featured in the cult classic magazine turned online powerhouse i-D, the series is hard pressed to be found anywhere else. Sharing a nearly identical name with the 2003 minorly successful film about a group of older women posing nude for a calendar spread, the two pieces could not be further apart in content from each other.

Available for viewing on Vimeo are currently Miss Scorpio, Libra, and Miss Sagittarius, Miss Virgo, Miss Leo, and Miss Cancer with Miss Gemini currently in production.

View the collection below on the Indoor Fountains Vimeo channel.