It’s Not Lemonade- But It’s Still Dope

With releases like Lemonade and TLOP, we sometimes forget the millions of other musicians that are producing great music. Here are some of my personal favorite jams that even though they didn’t hit the charts- are absolutely dope.

1. Willy Wonka Russ 

Causally sexy and full of ridiculous riffs, Willy Wonka is a perfect summer chilling song and fits right into that “driving with the window’s down vibe.”

2. All That I Know (Feat. Hoodie Allen) – Moosh & Twist 

This is catchy, well-spit, engaging, and is definitely underrated in the pop/hiphop world. This duo is on the rise as they make their mark. Their YouTube channel is filled with selected videos and they hit it right almost every time.

3. Pursuit of Happiness – Lissie  

Overall an incredible live performance. Lissie has serious raw talent and she hits this Kid Cudi cover in a way that wouldn’t be otherwise recognized.

4. Escape Artist – The Zolas 

One of my personal favorite bands, The Zolas with Escape Artist, mirror an incredibly moving song with an even stronger video. Released in 2013, this song hasn’t even hit 100,000 views on YouTube, but is such a well filmed video it’s almost hard to believe. Slow, strong, and moving, Escape Artist is different from any other song on our list because it’s message isn’t joyful or pop-ish. This song has intense meaning and a fantastic twist at the end of the video.

5. The Devil Takes Care of His Own – Band of Skulls 

This song is pure Rock ‘N’ Roll. Hard hitting with intense riffs the video matches perfectly. TDTCHO would fit perfectly for any road trip with the family who don’t want to listen to to hip hop anymore but wants something unique and banging.

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