All The Feels: Track Review

ADzMAN aka Adam Freudenstein is paying his dues and climbing up the SoundCloud latter to becoming one of the most popular online musicians today.

His latest track, The Feels, puts you directly in a movie picture moment: driving on a beautiful day, windows down, with beautiful people surrounding you. A sound reminiscent of the glory of youth, this track literally gives you “all the feels.”

The Feels has a distinctly unique flow where in the base beats do help to mellow out the predominate electronic sound, yet the track harkens to major jams like Somewhere in Paradise by Chance The Rapper.

Needless to say: This track is ALL about the feelings. Great spring time/summer jam and definitely worth a listen.

Edit: As of April 18th, 2016 The Feels has 15.4k views on SoundCloud.