A Short Scene

We are entering a new age in which we are loosing the gendered specifics of relationships as portrayed on film are changing. In this becoming the “new norm,” I feel the need to make a conscious effort to switch these roles up in order to greater display their universality. Relationships are complicated, regardless of whatever gender one identifies with. This is a scene from the movie Closer by Patrick Marber.

My scene stars the brilliant Maddi B. Roberts and Jean-Luc Duvall.

This scene was primarily a blocking exercise to improve on my skills in shooting. Shot in a single shot with two actors, I chose to switch up the genders of each character to emphasize a progressive nature and universally applicable nature of this situation. I then edited the film to be in black or white to allow a greater focus to be laid upon the actual dialogue rather than the “progressively styled” or “hippie” decor of the background. The goal of this scene was to block it in a way that showed the universal nature of being cheated on and the complicated nature of relationships.