2016: Broad City Review

March 16, 2016 saw a much waited for moment in television: The appearance of presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton on Broad City. As a television show created by two millennial aged women, it seems only right that if a presidential candidate was going to appear on the show, it would be the former first lady. This begs the question though: Should a presidential candidate be taking time out of the campaign to focus on appearing on television verses gaining votes by promoting her views on issues?

The millennial vote has the power to shift this upcoming election completely, so candidates are moving away from traditional methods of disseminating information to focus more fully on drumming up cliché support fueled by internet likes, shares, and memes. It’s unfortunate to see such a far shift from candidates that actually care about the issues yet, instead, focus on making comedy appearances.

Though that being said, if Former Secretary Clinton does want to appeal to this younger voting populace, she has to reach them on their platform. It’s interesting to see how instead of talking about race, gender, education or any real political issues that will drive her actual potential time in office, she instead just labels a dancing blow up character as a “she.” On the brink of such a socially conflicted time in our country’s history (between dealing with race and LGBTQIA issues) it seems a bit ridiculous that any of her appearances would be not directed towards her stance on issues. Besides that point- it wasn’t even funny.

Overall this season of Broad City has been amazing for Abby but lacking for Ilana, whose character is over sexualizing everything to a point where it’s now becoming un-relatable. It will be interesting to see how her character develops in comparison to Abby who is just killin’ the game in all areas of her life.