When Rock ‘n’ Roll Meets Television

Vinyl, a new HBO drama series, is set in 1970s New York and, takes us through the world of sex, drugs, and rock-n-roll in the absolute most literal sense. According to the HBO’s Vinyl page, the show is set through the lens of Richie Finestra, a record label president who is making an effort to “save his company and his soul.”

Written by Terence Winter and directed by Martin Scorsese, it’s almost impossible to imagine this series becoming anything but a success. It should also be noted that Mick Jagger himself is a consultant on the show and noted in the opening trailer. Vinyl will be incredibly appealing to music and film lovers who are looking for a new show that’s provocative, well-written, and features a dynamic cast. The setting is unique and to the furthest extent of my knowledge, has not been done before as a television show with the exception of Empire, which is set in the modern era and focuses on the hip hop industry.

Casting includes Olivia Wilde, Bobby Cannavale, Ato Essandoh, Ray Ramono, and many more seasoned actors.

Vinyl is set to premier in January of 2016.

Watch the trailer below:

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