New York City: Day One.

First day in New York City and Mayor Bill has already re-named 5th Avenue in my honor: Valerie Avenue.

Ok- so not really. But almost right?

Today we spent the day traveling around the city in a private and exclusive Greyhound Bus tour. Stopping at prime locations such as Battery Park City, the Financial District, 5th Avenue, Time Square, Central Park, the Freedom Towers, and a view of the Brooklyn Bridge. We learned some of the history of New York and saw notable sites and monuments.

Because I’ve been a walking all day- I’m tired. So I’ll keep this short and sweet.



1. A lot of Manhattan was once water that they filled in using dirt from land fills across the state.
2. Canal Street was actually once a canal.
3. Wall Street is called wall street because during settler times they built a wall there to keep the native americans out and to, and I quote from my tour guide, “to protect the settlers.”
4. West Village is fancy and so vogue and East Village is grunge.


1. All the stuff I learned.
2. Beyonce road across the Brooklyn Bridge before a concert.
3. They have wine on tap here.
4. They used to have wells to distribute water.

Peace ‘n’ Blessings. Here are some pictures from the day:

Base of the World Trade Center. 




Bae. It’s Brooklyn. 


Central Park. 



Central Park. 

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