Gamble Rogers Memorial National Park

Nestled into the dunes of the coast line between St. Augustine and Daytona Beach, hides one of Florida’s beautiful national parks. Driving south down A1A, my friends and I nearly pasted this hidden treasure of a park.  Only noticeable from an outside gate way, the entrance resembles  one of the many ritzy private communities in the area. Yet the entrance isn’t the only ritzy thing about this destination-  the Flagler Beach park is named after the tragic yet heroic death of Floridan folk singer, Gamble Rogers, who drowned while attempting to save a local swimmer.

The entrance leads you to a small parking lot adjacent to a dock  in which boats, kayaks, and canoes can sail out onto the Intracoastal Waterway. All of these are available for rental through the park.


This docking station is surrounded by a grassland/wetland mix in which we people are warned against swimming due to the dreaded Florida alligator. Next to the water way there is also a fishing dock, a small patio era. Mirroring the waterway are sets of covered picnic tables, perfect for a day of lunch.


The creme-de-la-creme of the park’s features is the three-quarter-mile trail showcasing a variety of native Floridan plants and animals. Encasing the trail is a canopy of trees, very reminiscent of a small rain forrest.


Detailed signs explaining the differences between the local plant life lined the pathway, providing interesting and informative information. Throughout the trail there are also a few benches and sitting areas to rest from the short trek.


To top off a nearly perfect national park is a beach which lines the coast directly across from  Gamble Rogers Memorial National park, separated only by the A1A.

After a drive down the beautiful Florida coast line, the Gamble Rogers Memorial National Park  makes a great stop at the end of a beach day or as a way to spend the day itself.

To check out more information about the Gamble Rogers Memorial National Park click here.


And of course, for some beachy cool driving tunes, check out “Keep You” by Wild Belle.

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