Album Review: Arcade Fire- Reflektor

Arcade Fire released a new album on Tuesday, Reflektor.

The album is a far cry from the folk sound of their last album The Suburbs. It’s dark- a huge mesh of orchestral alternative rock. The range of musicality behind the songs are different with jams like “Normal Person” having guitar moments that remind me of Bob Dylan yet then crash into a cluster of semi-indistinguishable yet intriguing noise. The album overwhelmingly flows together as whole in an almost “no boundaries” kind of way. Reflektor pushes you to get up and dance- particularly perfect for the upcoming series of music festivals we can assume Arcade Fire will be touring. Duh.

To hear the full album, you can listen here.

Given four and half stars from Rolling Stone and a 9.2 from Pitchfork, the album is doing well in the music world, but not everyone is as convinced.

Harris Fishman, 19, from Miami, FL calls the album “predictable. It’s just seems like something that Arcade Fire would put out. The Suburbs was the album that was actually different.”

Check out the music video to the album’s single and namesake “Reflektor” below:

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